13 Fashion Tips That Will Make You Look Younger

13 Fashion Tips That Will Make You Look Younger

You should embrace and enjoy every step of your life’s journey. There is nothing wrong with aging. But, your makeup, wardrobes, and hair don’t have to act as your ID, right ? Not sure, whether your outfit choice is making you look older than you really are ? Ahead is 13 fashion Tips to look Younger and that will work in your favor. So please continue….

Here are the 13 Fashion Tips To Look Younger which is Picked specaillay for you:-

1. Always Go for Minimalism:-

Nowadays Minimalism is in trend, either it’s our day to day life or requirements. So instead of wearing a ring with large stone, you can go for 2-3 rings with simple bands or round rings. Because wearing too much of jewellery will give away your age. And yes, avoid bubble necklace, instead of that go for simpler and thinner pieces.

2. Avoid Clunky Shoes:-

Wearing any clunky shoes or boot will make you look older and heavier from the bottom, and this is opposite to what you want. Wearing it is not a flattering look. Ankle boots are great but stick to slimmer pair. And yes, never wear platforms.

3. Wear statements Belt:-

Nowadays, people wear thick and skinny belt near your waist to highlight their figure. You can go for this. Because the leather belt is out of style now. If you are wearing jeans, a skinny jeans will work well as a contrasting color.

4. Wear New Colors:-

Me, specially as a fan of black, it can be hard to don some colors, but it’s the perfect way to look younger. Instead of this, if you are not comfortable wearing a ton of color, a statement piece, like, jackets, dress, top can look great when paired with other black pieces.

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5. Wear Natural Makeup:-

Always stick on the natural makeup look, rather than wearing bright colored eye shadow or lip products. The biggest way to show our age through our makeup style because style have changed so much over the decades.

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6. Keep your Hair Color Simple:-

It’s better to leave hair extremes to pop start. Lightening your hair can be the perfect way to brighten up your face, but avoid going too light. This goes double when you dye it too dark.

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7. Visit A Tailor:-

Baggy dress makes you look older – It’s a fact. A dress or a blazer look better when it does not hang on you like a hanger. This tips is very essential for your power outfit or classy clothing. Visiting at tailor can shave years off your look by giving you clothes which fits you and accentuate your figure.

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8. Choose Fitted Jeans:-

Unlike the 90’s, jeans have had a huge updates. Skinny jeans are tight on your figure, but it is stretchy from all over you needed. Boot-cut jeans are everywhere, but skinny jeans are the trends. Frumpy jeans has a ways of aging a person.

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9. Whiten Your Smile :-

Whitening your teeth is inexpensive and easy. You can mix your own with baking soda and water, or purchase any of the whitening product from market. Year and years of tea and coffee has left your teeth looking little darker than they should.

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10. Buy A Good Bra :-

We all have a habit of keeping our bras way too long. It’s not like they are cheap. Instead of sticking with the one you had for years, go to a professional fitter and find one that fits right. Rather than getting hung up on numbers, try on anything they suggest. Because bras are like pants, different brands fits differently.

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11. Stick To Light Lipsticks :-

Don’t afraid to try gloss, because new glosses are not like old 90s gooey and sticky. As we age, our lips loose volume, and dark lipsticks only bring attention to that fact. Instead nude and lighter color, can be your best friend.

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12. Don't Use Powder Makeup:-

Powder makeup tends to look cakey, and don’t look flattering on older faces. Makeup has improved quite a bit over the years, and there are plenty of formulas that can hydrate your skin while giving it a little pump. Consider switching to a lightweight moisturizer, and your skin will thank you.

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13. Shape you Brows :-

Bushy brows aren’t anyone best friend. It’s easy to go to a salon and get your waxed brows waxed and threaded. If you don’t want to pay regularly, you can get it done once, and the pick the hair that grow back after a week or two.  Easy and cheap!

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