7 Fashion Tricks and Tips Every Men Should Know

7 Fashion Tricks and Tips Every Men Should Know

Fashion is a word which is important for men and women both. Personality and appearance plays and important role in any one’s life. For men it’s not that difficult to impress any person if they want to. But the thing is men always take negative about themselves. They don’t understand what a small fashion tricks and tips about watches, belt, shoes and yes even shirt can help them in looking dashing.

Here we are having some Fashion tricks and tips for men to look smart and impressive.

1. Hairstyle Fashion Tips

Always refrain to use too much product on your hair, because it will mess up your look more than you think. Take a small amount and use your hand or comb to settle that product on your hair. You can also look for any hairdresser who can suggest you the hairstyle according to environment and your look. Because your hair is more important when it come to fashion, because it reflect shape of your face.


2. Rolled up Sleeves

You know what, rolled up sleeves is always a treat to the eyes of any women. They love the men who rolled up their sleeves till their forearm, because it gives a casual touch to formal outfit. But yes, don’t just roll up , instead make a fold, and another till you reaches your end of the elbow. It will give you a great look.

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3. Tight Pants

You must have seen girls wearing tight pant, and they look sexy, right ? But it’s endearing for men as well. By wearing tight pant embrace the height of the men, and also make you look look better, slimmer and more active. And the best part of tight pant is that they can go with any shirt. t-shirt and also shoes.

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4. Clean Shoes

Yes you heard it right, clean shoes also plays an important role in fashion. It is a saying that “The personality of a man is in his shoes.” Yes it is true, because your clean shoes will reflect that you are taking care of your personality and you are hygienic. So always keep your shoes clean so that you impress the person whom you wan to.

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5. Posture

Posture of any men always reflect his health. Posture of your sitting and standing says a lot about you. Make sure when you sit, rest your back at chair of wall or sit straight. When you are standing, don’t bend your shoulder, it reflect your weak posture. While sitting maintain your leg posture.

6. Colors of Your Outfits

It is always good to wear the clothes which you like or which you bought from the store, but what matter is the color of that clothes. The color which you wear should be too loud and it should complement each other. When you are wearing dark color shirt, then your trousers should be complimentary lighter color making a contrast. This fashion tips has always been proven great and it really worked for every one.

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7. Well Fitted Clothes

As we say color matter a lot in looking impressive, but along with that one should always wear the clothes which fits you perfectly. Wearing a sagging clothes makes you look dull and overweight. It will ruin your impression as it effect your personality. But yes, keep in mind that wearing too tight clothes are also not good for your personality, it will make you uncomfortable. So always wear a clothes which fits you perfectly.

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